Madz’s New Pet

My youngest daughter Madeline is a cat lover. She has been begging me numerous times for me to either buy or adopt a cat. I keep turning her down because having a pet is huge responsibility. Last time we adopted a male cat named Custard,   he went missing. We did not know whether he ran away or was stolen.

Two weeks ago, I thought of surprising Madz by buying her a cat stuffed toy. It’s not as good as a real cat but she loves it so much she carries it wherever she goes except when going to school of course. I am planning of giving her a real pet cat when she’s old enough to take care of it. :-)



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  1. oh cutie cat!! love it! Thanks for joining!! see you agaon next week!

  2. Nakita ko din itong pusa na ito and i like the way it wiggle its tail hehehe. Visiting from Kids in Doodles

    • I like it because it reminds me of Puss in Boots, with those big cute eyes.:-)

  3. Looks like she was really happy getting a cuddly cat! My little ones are afraid of real cats but love their stuffed puppet cat.

    • She treats it like a real cat, always making that meowing sound…LOL.

  4. that sure is a very nice toy cat! hopefully you’ll get the real thing real soon! ^_^

    thanks for joining k.i.d + do join us again next time ^_^

    • No problem. :-) I am planning to get her a real cat, I feel bad because whenever she sees a stray cat, she wants to pet it. :-)

  5. wow! how adorable round eyes! stuffed toys are also good in comforting kids. :)
    visiting from KID

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