Helping Mama

Guest post written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

I guess I’m going to be a cowgirl for a couple of years. I’m originally from Georgia, but my mom now lives in Texas. She moved there when she married my step-dad and they have been living there about 7 years. Ha! I just realized, maybe they got the “seven year itch” as some married couples refer to it. Either way, two months ago, for various reasons, my mom decided to leave my step-dad. Since I’m 23, single and have nothing to lose, I put in for a transfer at work and got approved to work at our Dallas-Fort Worth branch. So I used my vacation days, packed up and made the drive- the very, very, very long drive (I was by myself which made it seem much longer). Mom and I got a small house and decided to divide and conquer. She would take care of all the closing paperwork if I would start setting up the utilities to be installed after the closing date. Energy works a little different in Texas, my mom explained. She had a friend recommend we research shop electricity rates in TEXAS. We decided that was definitely the way to go with our energy provider, bundled as many of our other utilities as possible and finished up with getting our mail forwarded, etc.

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  1. That was sweet of the author…here’s hoping for the best of them both!

  2. Seems what they say is true…your mom will always be there for you…and glad that the author supports her mom as well…

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