Me, My Grandma and the Top Tourist Attractions in Brisbane

My grandmother lived in Australia most of her life. When she was alive, she often spoke of her travels and adventures in Brisbane.  Her stories had always fascinated me and someday I wanted to see the place that changed her life.

On her first time in Brisbane. she started her city exploration with a wind-on-your- hair river cruise. It is a bargain-priced tour and ride on one of the high-speed City Cats that cruise the Brisbane River for 19km from St. Lucia to Hamilton.

Photo from http://

After that exhilarating river cruise, she enjoyed breath-taking views over the river city through the adventure climb on the Story Bridge, one of only three bridge climbs in the world (the others being Sydney and Auckland). It’s a two and a half climb that brings you to the eastern side of the bridge, up the steep rise to the summit approximately 80 meters above sea level.

I remembered how my grandmother described Brisbane as a very green city. Finding a quiet spot to sit and watch the world go by is quite easy.  Almost 25 percent of its area is bush land. The city has 9,500ha of bush; 1,500 parks and public gardens. She thought of enjoying a good book in a silent spot in the City Botanic Gardens at Riverside.

Being an avid walker, she also enjoyed hiking along the Energex Brisbane Arbour, a one kilometer path that winds its way through South Bank Parklands. She also promenaded through the Roma Street Parklands, the largest, subtropical city garden in the world which features 16 acres of spectacular horticultural displays, distinctive architecture, sweeping vistas and unique artwork.

Her journey would not be complete without sipping champagne and watching the sunset on the rooftop of Brisbane—Mount Coot-tha. She marvelled at the spectacular city skyline from Captain Burke Park below the Story Bridge at Kangaroo Point.

Last stop was all about enjoying one of the world’s largest collections of Asian and Aboriginal art at the Queensland Art Gallery and Museum of Modern Art and exploring Brisbane’s iconic City Hall in King George Square at the Museum of Brisbane.

I know there’s more to enjoy in Brisbane. Someday, I will have my own brand of adventure there.

Brisbane's City Hall and King George Square

Brisbane’s City Hall and King George Square

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Take Me There #5 – Spring Holidays

Spring Scotland

Lovely colors in Scotland. photo: http://thebesttraveldestinations

It’s the best time to go and visit Europe’s wonderful display of nature. Not only is the weather pleasant in spring (ranging within 10°-20°), the flowers, the sky and every other spring colors would surely be lovely to photograph.

On top of my list would be the Netherlands for the tulips. It’s been my fervent hope to see a bed of tulips in different colors, still on the ground and not as a bouquet. ^_^ The windmill would be a bonus! I think I caught a bit of the Tulip Mania — unfortunately though I wasn’t given bulbs to plant.


Tulip beds are simply lovely. photo:

Then there’s cherry blossom viewing (Hanami) in Japan. Although I would love to do that in Washington, DC as well. Being under cherry trees in full bloom with the petals falling on the ground is so magical…yes, even when it’s just watching a movie, I could feel simple joys of spring.

sakura, cherry blossoms

Walking and Viewing Cherry Blossoms. photo: wikipedia

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Take Me There #4 – Santorini

Santorini at sunset

Santorini at sunset, photo:

Breathtaking…is the word that would best describe a sunset in Santorini. Don’t just take my word for it, look at the photo on the left. Captivating, I’d say too because that’s how I felt when I saw  this photo. I would love to stand at the same spot the photographer was and see this same blue domes overlooking the waters as the sun sets. Wouldn’t you?

Santorini sounds like Saint Irene -from which the island’s name was derived, is what remained of after a volcanic eruption in that part of Greece. (Hey, my name is there too, San- Tori- ni, lols.) It is surrounded by steep cliffs and the settlement were naturally built on the slopes, that’s what adds charm to this lovely island.

 The island is also full of history as is the whole of Greece. I would love to explore and walk there and perhaps find a worthy piece of whatnot to bring home.


Santorini also makes for a perfect window shooting spot. teehee. I’m sharing this two lovely window photos over at Wednesday Windows. Join us!

Minimalist. photo;

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Take Me There #3 – Quebec

Quebec City night

Quebec at Dusk, in winter. photo:

Under the scorching heat of the sun, one can’t think of some place cold and cozy. Quebec, particularly in this photo is so inviting. Well, it’s spring there now but given the chance I’d like to visit this lovely city in the winter.

There are a lot of things to do in Quebec in the different seasons but not as much in winter. Albeit, winter in Quebec means an avalanche of fun. There are about 90 winter resorts to choose from where the whole family can go snowboarding and skiing on smooth, beautiful snow-laden mountains.

There’s also a much interesting form of activity: ice fishing. That’s fishing from a hole on a frozen lake or any fishing area. Accordingly, there are a lot of fish species that are caught:  northern pike, walleye  and yellow perch. There’s also rainbow trout and brook trout. Ice fishing has become so popular that there are many resorts offering a hut and equipment for those who want to try it. Surely a different experience in winter.

ice fishing photo

Ice Fishing, hole is big enough for a fish to go through. photo:

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Take me there #2 – Dunnottar Castle

dunnottar castle
Dunnottar castle, photo courtesy of

Scotland is still one of the most enchanting places I dream to see and walk on. Among the historical spots in Scotland, Dunnottar Castle is a must-see. The castle has seen history unfold over Scotland, that’s from the Middle Ages to the age of Enlightenment. Though what remains are ruins, it is still as charming as a castle that stands full and mighty. Just look at the photo above and you’ll know what I mean.

Visiting Dunnottar also makes for a fine trekking experience. The only way to reach it is by foot which served the castle well in the early ages as it is not easy to penetrate…I’m imagining enemies having difficulties conquering the lonesome castle which is defended by its loyal soldiers. True enough, history says By May 1652 Dunnottar Castle was the only place left in Scotland holding out for Charles II against Cromwell’s forces under the command of General George Monck.

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Take Me There #1 – Rio de Janeiro

rio de janeiro cristo redentor

Christ the Redeemer, photo:

There are many things, artworks and places that I would love to see if given the chance. I thought it proper to list them down here, include a photo or two and actually remind myself why I would love to visit the place. These are random places and not in the order that I like best.

First off, I’d like to get a close up look at the Cristo Redentor, the largest Art Deco statue in the world and the 5th largest statue of Jesus in the world. Rio, the shortname for the Rio de Janeiro, is also a combination of beaches, sports, sun, exotic parks and gardens, and spectacular mountain views, along with a big of dancing and drinking. Its a majestic beauty is brought about by it being nestled between a glorious bay with beautiful white-sand beaches and a sharply rising mountain range  that is covered by tropical vegetation.

I would love a week spend on the beaches and climb up to view the statue before December of this year ends, kidding!

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